Keith Otten


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Original recordings:
Track From Description Time
Saints & Sinners (not yet released) How am I to know...? 6:33
Shallow Hill (not yet released) Please don't fault me if I falter! 5:05
Lost & Found (not yet released) Some memories you just can't get rid of 6:35
Sad News Coat (not yet released) Dedicated to 2020 - and yes it is sad 6:21
3rd Verse (not yet released) End of a love, verse 3 of 3 3:47
Brownies (not yet released) Drop me into a scene like I remember! 3:50
Follow Through (not yet released) Can't stop thinking 'bout that follow through 6:19
Great Escape (not yet released) Tale of my big journey - a little tongue in cheek 4:47
Friend of Trouble (not yet released) Trouble has a friend in me.... 2:45
Sweetly Trickle It was the way she said my name 6:04
Trickle Trickle Title track from the last disc 5:08
Secrets *Includes Bonus Track We've all got them! 3:31
Friend's Girlfriend Thanks for Listening Somehow it killed me... I was not complete 5:21
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