Keith Otten



'KOTTEN', released 1997 -
My first disc featured 16 tracks, including some old faves that I still perform today.

'KOTTEN - Thanks for Listening', released 2003 -
I've always thought of this one as my best, and I still love it dearly.

'KOTTEN - *Includes Bonus Track', released 2006 -
The "bonus track" is a rockabilly rave-up - the only all-instrumental I've recorded!

'Keith Otten - Trickle', released 2014 -
This is the last one done in NYC, and has some of my best work.
Note that I finally ditched my nom de plume in favor of the name I was born with....

'Keith Otten - Follow Through', released November 2023 -
These gems were all written and recorded since I've been in FL. 10 songs, 10 stories, 10 journeys. 10 things that I'm proud of.
Now live on all of your favorite music services - Please check out Follow Through!


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